Children are very welcome to dine at Marco’s and we are pleased to offer children under the age of 9 years old a 2 course menu at £8.50 and a 3 course menu at £10.50

To book your place, call us on 01279 792002 or email

Our children’s menu is as follows:


Garlic Bread

Prawn Cocktail

Spare Ribs BBQ Sauce

Soup of the Day


Meat lasagna

Goujons of Cod and Chips

Pizza Margherita (additional toppings 50p each)

Penne Pasta W Bolognese, Cheese or Tomato sauce


Vanilla ice-cream

white or dark chocolate profiterole


Please let us know if you have any dietary requirement

This menu is for children up to the age of 9 years old.

To see the full menu click here



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