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The only Italian region without access to either the sea or international borders, Umbria is a solitary and soulful world apart. Often overshadowed by neighboring Tuscany and Lazio, this lush and sparsely populated land is affectionately referred to as the “green heart of Italy.” Everchanging, untouched landscapes in the green of winding valleys makes Umbria a region that will never fail to amaze. This region comprises mainly hills, mountains, hollows and plains and extends along the Tiber’s central basin. The Cascate delle Marmore waterfalls near Terni are some of the most beautiful in Europe. The waters dive into the River Nera with a spectacular 165 m (541 ft) drop, and are surrounded by lush vegetation. This is the spot for sports lovers who enjoy canoeing, kayaking, and not only.

The gentle temperament of its ancient indigenous tribe, the Umbri, evidently played forward over the centuries to produce A-list religious celebrities, including Saints Benedict, Clare, Rita, Valentine, and most famous of all, St. Francis of Assisi.


Umbria, a small region with great tastes that satisfies all palates: the best dish for meat lovers is pork, masterfully treated by our chiefs, tasty hams and salami, like those of Norcia, to eat with unsalted bread that brings out the taste.

The best of Umbria’s cheeses are mature pecorino sheep’s cheese and fresh or ripe goat’s milk cheese.
The lentils of Castelluccio di Norcia, a tasty ingredient for soups, main courses or side dishes. Everything is seasoned with the golden and fruity olive oil produced in this region, which enhances any dish without upstaging the flavor.

For dessert, you must try the typical Umbrian cake, panpepato, and other regional desserts made according to centuries-old recipes.


A virtuous and dutiful approach is also part of Umbria’s wine identity. While Tuscany nabs the glitzy accolades and other neighboring regions excel in volume production, Umbria offers an array of grape varieties, wine styles and price points. It’s a compact, cautious and focused region that has something special for every palate.

“They say ‘good wine comes in small barrel,’”says Riccardo Cotarella, a founder of the Falesco winery and Wine Enthusiast’s Winemaker of the Year in 2001. “Umbria, and the wine revolution it has experienced over the past 30 years, makes for big potential in a small package,” he says. Umbria is particularly suitable for wine growing, and its mild climate gives this land top-quality white and red wines, including, among the many well-known labels, Assisi Grechetto and Sagrantino di Montefalco.

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