Thank you to everyone that joined us for our very first ‘Food Tour Around around Italy’ in the region of Campania.

On Thursday 22nd February we will continue our amazing tour around Italy  visiting the beautiful Region of Veneto. After the delicious traditional foods and pairing wines from Campania, we are looking forward to cook and present to you, more exquisite Italian dishes. Veneto is the eighth largest region in Italy. Prior to the unification of Italy, Veneto had been an independent state for over a thousand years. Its capital was, and still is Venice and that’s why we chose the most romantic month of the year for the region that has the most romantic city and also one of the most important tourist destinations in the world, due to the city being one of the world’s greatest and most romantically beautiful cities of art.


Risotto reigns supreme in this area and the making of it is an art form. The cooking of it has to be just right and rumour has it that just a little rice needs to stick to the bottom of the pan in order for it to be perfect. The actual ingredients added to the rice vary depending where you are, fish near the coast and then further inland you will find pumpkin, asparagus and a variety of other vegetables and meats.
Beans are widely used in the Veneto too and their pasta e fagioli (pasta and beans) is now a popular dish everywhere in Italy. Another dish they are famous for is Fegato alla Veneziana (Venetian Stlye Liver) which is thinly sliced liver!


This powerhouse region does not enjoy the same singular brand recognition as Tuscany or Piedmont, but it does offer numerous combinations of microclimates, indigenous grapes and wine traditions that hold their own in spectacular fashion. It is recognised for wines on opposite sides of the style spectrum from hearty reds to fragrant sparklers. United, these radically unique expressions are representative of what drives Italy’s global wine success. Geography helps explain why this region is home to so many individual pockets of wine tradition. The Dolomites stand tall at the back, blocking cold temperatures from central Europe.





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