Dear customer,

We are almost ready to start our new service!
From Thursday 7th May, we will take orders starting at 16:30.
We will give you a delivery or collection time over the phone or by email reply.

We are aiming to deliver within the hour, depending on order size and postcode.

For collections, we will have procedures in place to ensure safety distance is kept at all times.

All you will need to do is:

* Check the food and drinks menu on our website and choose what to order,
* Call us on 01279 792002 or email us on to make your order.
* You can pay over the phone, otherwise please put cash in an envelope for us to collect during delivery or collection from the restaurant.
* We will endeavour to deliver to you within the hour.
* Orders must be minimum of £20 for delivery.
* Free delivery.

Please feel free to call or email us for any questions.

If you have any ideas, please let us know and we will try to implement them.

Please share so we can help as many people as possible with their needs (specially the more vulnerable ones).

Finally, we will be emailing you and using our social media to share any news we have.

We are making changes to our website so that by Thursday 7th May, you will be able to order and pay directly from it.

Thank you for all your support and please spread the word,
Best wishes and keep safe.
Marco and team.

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