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Spare ribs in BBQ sauce £6.50

King prawns W chilly, garlic & butter sauce £10.95

Baked aubergines W parmesan & tomato sauce  £6.95

Selection of fine cured meats, olives & sundried tomatoes £10.50

Deep fried calamari & whitebaits, tartar sauce   £7.50

Tomato, avocado & creamy buffalo mozzarella  £7.50



Breaded veal W pasta tomato sauce or Bolognese £14.50

Vegan jackfruit & tofu lasagne £10.50

Breast of chicken & mushrooms sauce £11.95

Breaded chicken W pasta tomato sauce or Bolognese £12.50

Braised pork served with Port wine jus £13.50


Side Orders £2.90

French fries – sauté potato – spinach – French beans fried zucchini chips – mixed salad – green salad – rocket & parmesan salad



8” pizza base

Garlic bread £3.90 Cheese £4.50 Tomato £4.50

12” pizza base

Queen Margherita  £7.95

Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil

Frutti di mare £11.95

Mixed seafood, tomato & mozzarella

Affettati misti £10.50

Mozzarella, tomato & mixed Italian cured meats

Galletto £10.95

Mozzarella, tomato, chicken, pancetta & goat cheese

Tonno e cipolla rossa £10.95

Mozzarella, tomato, tuna, red onions & olives

Calzone –folded- £10.95

Mozzarella, tomato, ham & mushrooms

Vegetariana  £9.95

Mozzarella, tomato, mixed grilled vegetables

Rossa piccante £9.95

Mozzarella, spicy Italian salami, tomato, chilli & onions


Gluten free pizza also available £1.80 extra.

Extra toppings start from £0.80 to £1.50 chicken, Parma ham or prawns  



Meat lasagna or vegetarian white lasagne £8.50

Spaghetti, mixed seafood W chilli & tomato sauce £13.50

Ravioli filled W spinach & ricotta served W tomato & touch of cream sauce  £7.50

Spaghetti W Bolognese sauce £8.50

Linguine W crab meat, cherry tomato & crab sauce £13.50

Risotto W pumpkin & gorgonzola cheese  £11.50

Short twist pasta shape, chicken, mushroom in a spicy creamy sauce £10.50

Spaghetti carbonara W pancetta, eggs, parmesan cheese & cream sauce £9.50

Penne pasta W tomato & basil sauce £7.50



Tiramisu £4.50

White & dark chocolate profiteroles £4.50

Soft hazelnut biscuits ricotta cream & pears £5.50

Chocolate & cherries cheesecake £5.50

Cheese & Biscuits £7.95

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